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Future development trend of luggage industry

Customized, personalized, functional bags will be the mainstream trend in the future. With the improvement of consumers' pursuit of quality of life, the development space of the luggage industry is broader.


Scenario-based demand will promote the development of the luggage industry segments. The luggage market, with the gradual subdivision of scene demand, will become a rigid growth of consumer goods.


Young consumers pay more attention to the tone and fashion of the brand. Their pursuit of international brands has declined, and the acceptance of national fashion products has greatly improved, and this change in consumption trend has brought development opportunities for domestic luggage products.


China's luggage production country, the output accounts for about 70% of the world's total output, and has formed a complete industry chain including raw materials manufacturers, luggage manufacturers and retail luggage brands, it is expected that the local luggage market has a greater space for development.

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