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Banner at the top of the buyer pre-registration page

It is expected that more than 40,000 professionals will pre-register online through this page, and this group is the most interested buyers group. Showing your company's image or products here will effectively attract more buyers to your booth!

Price: Top ads 8,000 yuan /4 months

Homepage advertisement

Place your advertisement in the most prominent position on the home page of the exhibition website, and plant your brand deeply in the heart of your customers from the beginning of contact with the shoe fair!

Main field size: 1900*400pixels (Max. 2, scrolling)

Price: Main column advertising 8,000 yuan

Email marketing platform

Send specific promotional emails to your potential customers about your product or service. Send the latest product information to your buyers at any time, and arouse buyers' purchasing interest before their peers and rivals. The new email marketing platform launched by the project team will be the best choice to meet your promotion needs. The project team's own exhibition buyer database is regularly updated and maintained by a full-time call center to ensure accurate delivery of your mail. At the same time, pre-show email marketing will also bring more customers to your booth. You can choose to classify target customers.


4,000 emails (two installments) Package Price: $6,000 (size not notified)

9,000 emails (3 issues) Special Offer: $12,000 (size not notified)

The email format requires HTML, and the content is provided by the customer

Buyer's invitation

Exclusive issue

Circulation of 200,000 copies, before the exhibition, through direct mail, magazine entrainments, association invitations, exhibitor invitations and other channels and ways, distributed to the relevant professional buyers.

Highlight the brand image in many exhibitors and capture the attention of many buyers before carrying out, which is the best guarantee for the brand to become the highlight of the exhibition!

Price: Back cover full edition 30,000 yuan

Size: 95×210mm (W × H)

Advertisement on the back of the ticket

Circulation of 200,000 copies, before the exhibition, through direct mail, magazine entrain, association invitation, exhibitor invitation and other channels and ways, issued to the relevant professional buyers, but also as the exhibition admission voucher.

Highlight the brand image in many exhibitors, and capture many purchases before development

Home attention is the best guarantee for the brand to become the highlight of the exhibition!

Price: Back full page 20,000 yuan

Size: 200×95mm (width × height)

Visitor guide

The "Visit Guide" has a circulation of 40,000 copies per issue, respectively for exhibitors and buyers and e-commerce, etc., will be mailed to professional buyers and buyers around the country before the launch, so that they can understand the exhibition information and exhibition brands, and lay the foundation for buyers to effectively develop exhibition plans.


Cover (210×140mm) 15,000 yuan/issue

Inner page full edition (210×140mm) RMB 8,000 / issue

On-site buyer registration form

Issued 60,000 copies of the forms filled out by all on-site registered buyers for on-site registration. It can make the on-site buyers see your company's image, products and other information at the first time, and improve the exhibition effect and enhance the visibility of the enterprise.

Price: The bottom advertising space 10,000 yuan

Size: 210×30mm

Buyer's card lanyard advertisement

Exclusive sponsorship

All the more than 60,000 buyers are wearing lanyards with your company's name or website, which will appear at every corner of the exhibition hall. This will directly enhance the buyer's brand awareness of your company and expand the company's influence. Customers own design and production, must have the exhibition logo

Price: Title fee 40,000 yuan (exhibition logo required)

Back of buyer's card

All on-site buyers, media, exhibitors, etc., will wear the ID printed with the brand advertisement and appear at every corner of the pavilion as a pass to enter and exit the pavilion, with a circulation of 60,000.

The exhibition site is crowded, the brand can make full use of various promotion means or promotion combination, concentrate resources, and strongly build the brand image, so as to maximize the benefit of the exhibition.

Price: 50,000 yuan for advertising space on the back of certificate

Size: 97×93mm (H × W)

Bulletin advertisement

Color cover back cover (210×285mm) 30,000 yuan

Back cover outside folding plate (2P) (420×285mm) 20,000 yuan

Color inside page (1P) $8,000

Note: The ranking of customers of the same level of service is typeset according to the order of payment.

Advertisement descr1ption

Advertising layout specifications:

1P: 210×285mm (width × height);

2P: 420 x 285mm (width x height), plus 3mm bleeding on each other.

The advertising manuscr1pt is designed by the customer, and the picture quality is not less than 300dpi.

AD layout design or modification is charged at $400 per page.

Exhibition handbag

Exclusive sponsorship

Tote bags used to load exhibitor registration information and pre-registered buyer information, the media and VIPs will visit the exhibition with sponsored brand tote bags. Single-side advertising, quantity: 40,000, material: non-woven.

Price: 20,000 Yuan (title fee, not including production fee)

Size: 400×350mm (width × height)

South Hall Registration office advertising

Make a great first impression on the buyers entering!

The registration office is a must for buyers in exchange for a visit card, so that the registration office of the exhibition becomes your company's exclusive reception desk.

1) Place two light boxes printed with your company logo in front of the aisle of the registration office;

2) The logo will appear on the front of the replacement counter;

3) The logo and image will appear on the buyer's form filling table;

4) Company information and product manuals are placed at the renewal counter for buyers to read.

Price: 25,000 Yuan /1 package

Size: 900×1200mm (width × height)

Large billboard in South Square

Located around the entrance square of Hall 1 of Shanghai New International Expo Center, it is the only way for all buyers and exhibitors to enter the South Hall. With the largest exposure, the most significant publicity position, bring unparalleled outstanding publicity effect.

Specification: 8×5m (W × H)

Price: D series (facing Huamu Road) 8×5m (4 pieces) 25,000 yuan/piece

DM series (facing South Square) 8×5m (11 pieces) 20,000 yuan/piece

Advertisement on the back of the inner square image board

The square is located between Halls W5 and N1, facing the Registration 2 landing Hall. The ads face the square and are visible to all square buyers.

Size: 2×4m (W × H)

Price: 40,000 yuan/piece, a total of 4 pieces

Ground advertising

Above the ground of each venue, all passing buyers can see.

Size: 1×1m

Price: 800 yuan/square meter

Gallery guide banner

The banner connecting the corridor of each exhibition hall is the only advertising space in the corridor, which will greatly attract the attention of the buyers on the spot and guide the buyers to your booth.

Specification: 5m×0.7m (width × height) double-sided printing;

Quantity: 10 / corridors, a total of 3 corridors

Price: 16,000 Yuan/gallery (including production cost)

The whole advertisement of connecting electric car between the museum

This is the best mobile advertising in the field, the battery car between the exhibition hall will bring your three-dimensional advertising to get the high attention of every buyer present, leaving a deep brand impression.

Roof triangle billboard

Specifications: Left and right side: 2.4×0.7m (width × height)

Front and back: 0.75×0.73m

Roof monochrome LED text display screen: 32×128pixels

Price: 5,000 Yuan/car (total 6 cars)

Hanging flag advertising inside the museum

Hanging spot advertising space located inside the venue, double-sided image display. Leave a deep brand impression on the audience in the museum.

Triangle Billboard:

Specification: 3×5m (W × H)

Price: 20,000 yuan/car

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